Rae Leviné shares Grenfell Tower tribute

There has been a huge outpouring of grief for those who were tragically taken in the fire at Grenfell Tower only a week ago today.

The local community, and all those affected by the fire, near and far, are still coming to terms with what has happened – and what is to be done next.

Given horrific nature of the event, and the immediate aftermath, poet Rae Leviné has been moved to share a heartfelt tribute to all those lost, and their loved ones.

Below is a short extract of Leviné’s poem, ‘Grenfell Tower Tribute’.

This hurts…
It hurts more because this could’ve been avoided,
the government + the council have shown they don’t care and it’s just so disappointing.

They’ve emphasized the division between the rich and the poor,
but the poor have shown the qualities of what it means to be a human being which is knocking down doors.

This won’t divide us and can only make us more united.
Better days are coming and we will fight this.

They disregarded the poor,
but did not count on people’s power.
Unity is strength and this is something we have shown,
We’re standing and fighting together until you tell us the truth and give these people brand new homes.

These deaths must count for something,
a mother without her sons or daughters,
kids without their parents,
brothers without their sisters,
families without their loved ones and have lost everything they own!

You can read the full poem on Leviné’s blog.

If you are curious how you can help those affected by the event at Grenfell Tower, The Guardian has written some advice on what you can do.

Image: Flickr-CC/Jonas Bengtsson