Jams of the Week: Doja Cat, Marian Hill, Banx & Ranx & Ella Eyre, Amara La Negra, Honeyfeet

This week, we’re tasting Doja Cat’s sweet, sweet candy, going straight to voicemail with Banx & Ranx, giving exes the side eye with Marian Hill, and getting ready for carnival with Amara La Negra.

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‘Candy’ by Doja Cat

LA native Doja Cat revels in making the kind of woozy, wavy R&B and hip hop that tempts you to drink to excess, chase sex like there’s no tomorrow, and generally put your desire for Earthy enjoyment before everything else. It’s all a fantasy, of course. A fly, sexy fantasy that’s hard to stop replaying.

‘Candy’, produced by Yeti and Budo, is the latest slice of sugar-coated, ecstasy-inducing R&B from this confident up-and-comer. The song leads the way for the 22-year-old’s debut album, Amala, released today (March 30), via RCA Records.

Doja Cat first caught our ears with her 2014 single ‘So High’, itself an additive inhale of drugs, sex and trap tones with a Far Eastern slant. Recent crib-to-club party single ‘Roll with Us’ is another example of her thirst for sensual R&B and rap. The bravado of Nicki Minaj meets the smoothness of SZA: that’s Doja Cat. And this feline is definitely getting her cream.

‘Differently’ by Marian Hill

Philadelphia duo Marian Hill – Jeremy Lloyd (production, songwriting) and Samantha Gongol (vocals, songwriting) – are giving you ammunition for when your unwelcome exes poke their faces back in your life. Produced by Marian Hill and Boi-1da, Gongol’s sassy teases bring Lorde to mind, while the impactful drum breaks back her up like the threat of poison kisses. The duo’s second album, Unusual, arrives on May 11.

‘Answerphone (feat. Yxng Bane)’ by Banx & Ranx & Ella Eyre

Banx & Ranx have made instant ear candy with ‘Answerphone’: the winding riff will run rings around you like an Olympic sprinter, while Ella Eyre and Yxng Bane narrate a relationship on hold with irresistible vigour. Getting pushed to voicemail has never sounded so satisfying.

‘What a Bam Bam’ by Amara La Negra

Here’s one for your carnival hype playlist. Afro-Dominican singer Amara La Negra recently shot to fame after her appearance on US reality TV show, Love & Hip Hop, where fellow contestants, media types and viewers all weighed in on her appearance and proud love of her African heritage. Standing firm in who she is, the 27-year-old faced down negativity and has signing a multi-album record deal. ‘What a Bam Bam’ is the latest hip-shaker from this Spanish-speaking wonder woman, and it samples the reggae favourite by Sister Nancy. Viva La Negra!

‘Whatever You Do’ by Honeyfeet

Hard to classify, but easily one of the most darning songs you’ll hear this week is ‘Whatever You Do’ by Honeyfeet. Take a look the video – which itself is one of the most inventive stop-motion animations we’ve seen in ages – and get a taste of the group’s unusual mix of jazz-folk. Honeyfeet’s debut album is out today (March 30) on Wah Wah 45s.

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Image: courtesy of Doja Cat/PR