Listen to Denai Moore and Kwabs’ touching duet ‘All the Way’

Denai Moore has released a touching duet with singer Kwabs in the run up to the arrival of her second album.

Titled ‘All the Way’, and closing her forthcoming album, We Used to Bloom, the song is a heartfelt message about growth and self-reflection. It was co-written with Kwabs, and it feels like a precious Erykah Badu-and-D’Angelo moment for the two singers.

“I wanted to end the album in an uplifting way,” said Moore. “It was an incredible song to record – we had a gospel choir and strings, and I think it rounds off all the things I talk about on the record and gives this feeling of resolve. It’s a song I’ve always wanted to write, saying I shouldn’t be too hard on myself, and there’s so much more that can happen. There’s no end to yourself, there’s always room to grow.”

You can listen to ‘All the Way (feat. Kwabs)’ below.

Moore has also shared a behind-the-scenes video of her studio recording of the song, directed by Joao Retorta.

We Used to Bloom by Denai Moore is out on June 16 on Because Music.

Image: In Bloom