New Waves 2018: 79.5

They may not have the easiest name to remember, but every fan of classic soul needs this New York group in their lives in 2018. 79.5 are bringing us stupendously moreish old-school soul. To date, the group has released two singles: ‘Terrorize My Heart’ and ‘Boy Don’t Be Afraid’. Between the musicians’ tight melodies and the singers’ (pictured: Nya Parker Brown, Kate Mattison, Piya Malik) gorgeous harmonies, this group will put a spell on you as strong as any Motown or Stax hit.

79.5’s debut album is being produced by Leon Michels (Lee Fields, The Arcs, Lana Del Ray), and is due this spring.

We asked lead singer Kate Mattison how things are shaping up for the group: “We’re really looking forward to getting our album out there in the world. The studio sessions were beautiful; the production: spot on. We feel blessed to get to share this LP with a global audience.”

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Image: Sesse Lind