New Waves 2018: Kofi Stone

If there’s another up-and-coming UK rapper with the funk and flow to match Kofi Stone, we’ve not heard them yet. This 24-year-old Birmingham rapper is a serious talent, weaving succinct stories of the dramas he faces as a young black man over foot-tappingly soulful beats.

These beats – produced by the likes of Smith the Mister and Jake Milliner – will please fans of A Tribe Called Quest and J Dilla. And Stone proves he can flow like a seasoned pro on songs such as ‘Message to Her’ and ‘Nothing Ain’t Free’.

Not one to shrink from a challenge, Stone has gone from playground rap battles to supporting the likes of Mac Miller and Kelis. His most recent work includes collaborating with electronic music-makers Princess Slayer on the fast-paced EP, OKFI, and his irresistibly swanky single, ‘Daddy Don’t Want This (feat. Kalu)’.

“In 2018, I plan to push my name out there as much as possible,” Stone tells Fringe Frequency. “I feel like I have set the foundations of what I’m all about in 2017. This year is all about taking it to a higher level.” Stone plans to release an EP in March and is also working on a project with Birmingham producer Joe Corfield. No question about it: Stone and his B-town boys have got us hyped.

Social: @kofistone_ on Instagram, @KofiStone_ on Twitter

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Image: Juan Jose Ortiz Arenas