Recommended: David Kofi and Ruth-Ellen, Isadora, Janelle Monáe, Rose Gold, NOËP

In Recommended today: take things slow with David Kofi and Ruth-Ellen (pictured), take a ride with Rose Gold, listen to more of Janelle Monáe’s likes, and get a taste of promising newcomers Isadora and NOËP.

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‘Breathe Slow (feat. Ruth-Ellen)’ by David Kofi

London-based musicians David Kofi and Ruth-Ellen have teamed up for this sublime piece of melodic R&B that’s all about taking it slow. Over Kofi’s gentle, meditative rhythm, Ruth-Ellen’s rich voice – think Gabrielle or Szjerdene – urges you to take it easy. Kofi’s Galaxy EP and Ruth-Ellen’s debut LP, Between Two Worlds are available to stream now.

‘Be Mine’ by Isadora

“Feed me chocolate / Hold my hands / Tell me you are my man,” sings Isadora. The debut single from this Australian singer-songwriter is a delicate love ballad. Produced by Harrison Ashcroft and Isadora, soft synth tones arc lethargically between your ears, while Isadora emotes with Aldois Harding-style grace.

When Fringe Frequency asked her what inspired the song, Isadora said: “I wrote this song at a point in my life where I wanted to experience something amazing without fear of commitment and expectation. It’s what I needed at that point in my life… just to dive in, although people said it would be risky. I think we place too much pressure and expectations on every relationship, when its OK to delve into the unknown and live in the moment. This song is about exactly that… diving into the unknown, experiencing something amazing and living in the moment.”

‘I Like That’ by Janelle Monáe

There’s one week to go before Janelle Monáe’s new album, Dirty Computer, arrives. It feels like excitement for the Kansas star is reaching a stratospheric level. She pushed it further this week with the lush ‘I Like That’, a slow jam of soft vibrations and self-assured attitude. Monáe’s metamorphosis continues.

‘Take a Ride’ by Rose Gold

Rose Gold deserves your attention. Don’t take our word for it. Listen to her on the vivacious ‘Thinking of You’ by musician Terrace Martin, and you’ll see why this Baltimore native has been making a name for herself. She’s been writing and releasing some fine cuts of fulsome neo-soul, including the catchy ‘Threw Me Off’. Her latest single, ‘Take a Ride’ is road music to for driving way out into the horizon with your baby.

‘Loved the Love’ by NOËP

Estonian musician and producer NOËP likes to keep you guessing. In the space of three songs, he slides, confidently between the vocal stylings of James Bay, Owl City and Dan Croll. ‘Loved to Love’ has a catchy rhythm of what sounds like a combination of xylophone and panpipe tones, topped off with deliberately fleeting vocals about love that’s been and gone. NOËP’s debut EP, Heads in the Clouds, is worth checking out.

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Image: courtesy of Ruth-Ellen