Recommended: Xylaroo, Liam Bailey, Mahalia, Jazze Belle, Taliwhoah

In Recommended today, we’re tracking love in three stages: from infatuation (Xylaroo, Jazze Belle), to giddy desire (Mahalia), and healing after a brush with deceit (Liam Bailey, Taliwhoah).

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‘Stranger Than Love’ by Xylaroo

Song-writing and guitar-playing sister act Xylaroo (pictured) stole our hearts with their 2016 debut, Sweetooth. Holly and Coco Chant recently returned with ‘Stranger Than Love’, a song that whisks emotion and rhythm into transfixing mood music.

Written by Holly some time ago after a break-up, the song emits the cool mystique of chilled R&B as the girls’ supple tones call out through a hanging garden of shimmering guitar strings. Simple yet super-striking. This is only the first taste of their new music, but these global-trolling sisters have just as much going for them as fellow contemporaries Ibeyi and Chloe x Halle.

Xylaroo join Frank Turner on his 2018 European tour.

‘Brother, Why You Gotta Love Her (feat. Maverick Sabre)’ by Liam Bailey

Personality counts for a lot. And Liam Bailey has a boatload (seriously, go watch the man’s Instagram Stories). The Nottingham musician’s latest single is a cathartic response to a broken relationship. His croons lead the way – vulnerable, yet resolute, as they are – and he’s backed by an aromatic groove and the bracing words of Maverick Sabre. There’s hints of The Heavy, Curtis Harding and Bobby Womack on this sterling song.

‘One Night Only (feat. Kojey Radical)’ by Mahalia

With every hook and verse, rising R&B sensation Mahalia has been drawing us closer and closer. And resistance is pointless.

‘One Night Only (feat. Kojey Radical)’ appears on Mahalia’s recently released five-track EP, Seasons. It’s a stupendous, soulful, head-bopping jam of desire and deceit. Between her taut delivery, her deliciously smart lyrics and the beat, this is further proof that Mahalia isn’t just imitating her influences, she’s crafting her own future classics.

‘Forever Don’t Exist’ by Jazze Belle

Jazze Belle are producer-instrumentalist Justin ‘Jett’ Carter and singer-songwriter Taylor Simone. They hail from different parts of the US (Richmond and LA, respectively), but share a love for everything from Jill Scott to SBTRKT. ‘Forever Don’t Exist’ is a melodic, enchanting song about the joy of new love.

‘Run Along’ by Taliwhoah

Up-and-coming R&B heroine Taliwhoah continues to provide emotionally charged, TLC-esque therapy about a cheating scrub with her latest single, ‘Run Along’.

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Image: Gullick