Tiece releases bewitching new single ‘Vampires’

British singer and producer Tiece has released a bewitching new single called ‘Vampires’.

The latest song from the artistic musician is about when infatuation gets interrupted.

Yes, there’s a monster in the midst of this delectable waltz of spooky synths and haunting vocals.

“It is essentially a shelter from love bombings,” said Tiece. “I’m still deciding who the vampire is. It could be from the perspective of the vampire or it could be the vampire from a mortal’s perspective. Or perhaps the vampire is just a metaphor?”

Earlier this year, Tiece shared the minimalist song ‘Intro’, and ‘Vampires’ is a continuation of her experiments with vocal and electronic sounds. This time, her multi-layered vocals make it feel like there are different characters goading the protagonist in the song, while her skilful use of synths and string plucks casts an enchanting atmosphere.

Tiece has worked with producers on various projects in the past, and is also one half of Girlhood. But her latest work is all self-produced, and has been something of a liberation for her during this complicated time.

“I got bored of waiting for producers to send me, or finish making, instrumentals. So, I started messing about on GarageBand and Logic and got into making beats myself,” she said.

“I created this space where I felt so free and very myself. I love being social and around people, but I’m also someone who needs to have time and space by myself. I guess that has carried over into music too, and I wanted some space where I could use my voice my own way.”

Tiece is working on more music on the path to a larger solo project. And with her group, Girlhood, she recently released a new single ‘Queendom’.

You can follow Tiece on Instagram for more teases in the run up to her next release.

‘Vampires’ is available to stream and download on all platforms now.

Image: courtesy of Tiece/PR