Barney Artist at The Macbeth, London photos

Words and photos by Aaron Lee

Barney Artist brought his quirky rap music to The Macbeth, in Hoxton, London, for a headline show on Thursday.

A playful character in person, Barney invited his audience to be part of his active imagination, turning a brief part of his set into a grime night, spitting a fiery cypher and schooling his “crew” in a whimsical manner (“When the DJ rewinds the record, that’s called a reload. Don’t panic!”).

Rhyme slayer Nick Brewer joined Barney for ‘Beep Beep’ early on. Barney also performed more favourites from his acclaimed Painting Sounds mixtape, including ‘Leave’, ‘Painting’ and ‘Destructive Beauty’.

The London MC also paid a special tribute to legendary hip hop producer J Dilla, freestyling to the tune of Dilla beats.

Barney was supported by alternative hip hop duo 2nd Exit, who decided to take a more chilled approach to hyping the crowd by performing their entire act while sat on a sofa.

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