Connie Constance at Oslo Hackney, London photos

Connie Constance performing at Oslo Hackney, London, on September 28, 2021.

Rising indie pop singer Connie Constance enjoys going her own way. She played a colourful show, at Oslo Hackney on Tuesday night, and gave the audience a taste of her rebellious energy.

She greeted the audience by bounding onto the stage to the sound of ‘Electric Girl’. Constance was having a good night, smiling as brightly as her elaborate orange outfit.

Her hour-long set was composed of songs from her EPs, Prim & Propa and The Butterfly Club, and her flair for juxtaposing the familiar with the surreal (‘Costa del Margate’) and her matter-of-fact lyrics about love and desire (‘Monty Python’) were heartily embraced by the audience.

She got the whole audience crouching down and jumping up during the resolute ‘Prim & Propa’. She fearlessly did some impromptu crowdsurfing on her unruly hit ‘Trouble’. And she’s invited fellow London wordsmith Hak Baker on stage to perform a boisterous new song, ‘Top of the Pop’.

This is music for the misunderstood and the mischievous: a guitar-fuelled, raucous, unapologetic collision of street spirit, big dreams and alternative girl power. The pandemic certainly doesn’t seem to have slowed down Constance’s resolve: her songs and her show left us feeling a little richer and a lot wilder.

Connie Constance’s Prim & Prompa tour continues through the autumn. See Songkick for tickets.

Photos by Aaron Lee

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