Nimmo at Scala, London photos | #FromTheArchive

From the Archive: Nimmo performing at the Scala, London, in June 2016.

Nimmo is Sarah Nimmo and Reva Gauntlett, and together they’ve been forging their own path through the messy world of music. After quietly walking away from a major label deal with Sony, the duo took some time to write and focus on how they could make the music their hearts’ desired.

And their persistence and commitment to their vision paid off. Nimmo’s debut album, The Power, was released independently in 2019 to a rapturous critical reception. Both women identify as queer, and have spoken about how their experience of being part of the queer community has helped shape their art. It’s intimate, expansive electronic music for happy hours and a touch of the surreal.

Right now, the duo can be heard on ‘OnlyL’, the latest single by rising electronic producer Tsha.

Photos by Aaron Lee

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