The Skints at Signature Brew Blackhorse Road, London photos

The Skints performing at Signature Brew Blackhorse Road, London, on August 20, 2021.

This month, tropical punk band The Skints returned from the long hiatus of lockdown with two concerts in their home borough of Waltham Forest.

Joining the audience for the second show on a hot and humid Friday evening, surrounded by the giant steel fermentation tanks and beer barrels of Signature Brew, the mood was high-spirited. The crowd were thirsty for music and the band were equally thirsty to perform and feed off the energy only a live audience can bring.

They launched into songs from their most recent albums, Swimming Pools and FM, to begin with. The Skints became more and more animated as they made their way through their set, playing fan favourites ‘This Town’, ‘Rise Up’ and ‘Rubadub (Done Know)’, kicking and bouncing around as much as they dared on the cramped stage.

Later on, the group dove into their earlier songs and challenged the audience to mosh along to their jams. The crowd gleefully obliged. One surprised punter found himself crowd-surfing. And guitarist Josh Waters Rudge climbed into the crowd during a joyful rendition of Al Green’s ‘Let’s Stay Together’.

After some 18 months without concerts, the thirst is real. The Skints loosened up, threw their rhythms down and reminded everyone how to enjoy themselves out in the open. A wild and wicked return.

The Skints are: vocalist and guitarist Josh Waters Rudge, bass guitarist Jonathan Doyle, drummer and vocalist Jamie Kyriakides, and vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Marcia Richards.

The Skints are appearing at selected festivals this summer and have their own headline tour beginning in autumn 2021 – provided Covid restrictions remain lifted. You can find out all of their upcoming tour dates on their official website.

Words and photos by Aaron Lee

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