Privacy Policy

Updated: May 25, 2018

We respect privacy and your rights to control your personal data. We take the utmost care to ensure any data you provide us with is protected.

We are taking action to comply with the new GDPR regulations. We will update our privacy policy soon.


Our website uses cookies – like many other websites – to help provide you with as seamless an experience as possible.

A cookie is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored on a user’s computer by the user’s web browser, while browsing.

On Fringe Frequency, we use Google Analytics to report site views and behaviour patterns to us. Data collected by Google Analytics is not linked to personal emails or addresses. It is only used by us, and the site owner, to help improve the site.

In future, it may also be used to attract advertisers for the purpose of continuing to fund and operate Fringe Frequency.

If you wish to opt out of this, please update your browser settings (see Do Not Track, below). You can also opt out of Google’s tracking by updating your preferences on its site.

Newsletters and surveys
If you sign up for our newsletter, or participate in surveys run by Fringe Frequency, and provide personal information to us, we will aim to tell you precisely what this information will be used for. Typically, we will only be using this information to provide a better service to you, or attract advertisers, again, to help us continue running.

Please rest assured, we will not pass on your details to any third-party, unless required to do so by law.

Third-party cookies
Third-party sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, and others we link to, also use cookies to inform, optimise and serve adverts based on your browser history. We do not have any control over the distribution or use of these cookies. If you are concerned about the cookies of a third-party website, you should consult that party’s own privacy policy.

Do Not Track
We support the Do Not Track browser setting ( which means you can instruct your browser that you do not want websites – including Fringe Frequency – collecting certain information about you.

More information about browser privacy can be found on the following website: About CookiesManage Data on Google Chrome, Privacy on Mozilla Firefox, Privacy on Internet Explorer.