Creative Insight: 90s Baby Show

Meet Temi Alche­my and Fred San­tana, hosts of the 90s Baby Show. Their can­did con­ver­sa­tions about life, love and rela­tion­ships have gone from being just-between-friends to a pod­cast and radio hit with young Londoners.

Dis­cussing all man­ner of top­ics, from racism and employ­ment, to par­ent­ing and rela­tion­ships, Alche­my, San­tana and their guests bring plen­ty of humour, and some jew­els of advice, to each episode.

Fringe Fre­quen­cy asked the pair how they start­ed and what’s next for their ris­ing pod­cast series.

How did the show come together?
Fred: We were work­ing for the same com­pa­ny and we sat down chat­ting at a skate­board park and thought this would be sick if we record­ed it. So, from then on we decid­ed, “don’t say it, do it”. We tried to get a stu­dio, but there was none avail­able in the area, so start­ed record­ing on Skype. We messed up the first few times because he [Temi] for­got to press record. We lost about two episodes, but it was prac­tice. We got the first one and kept it on Sound­Cloud as teasers. It was a nice way to say we have some­thing coming.

How many years have you been run­ning your show?
Fred: It’s com­ing up to two years now.

On the show, you talk about a lot of things we all talk about with friends from Yoru­ba demons to hook­ing up with a friend’s part­ner. Was it a choice to keep it as authen­tic as it is, or did it hap­pen organically?
Temi: It was both. We both have dif­fer­ent stand­ing points on our opinions.

Fred: I don’t want to be told what to say and that can change from Mon­day to Thursday.

Temi: We have top­ics I’m more pas­sion­ate about and he’s more chilled about, so as you say it’s good to keep it real.

Fred: Yeah. For exam­ple, I come from a sin­gle par­ent home and he doesn’t. He doesn’t know he should be both­ered by that because he’s always had that. I know what it’s like to have it and not have it, so instant­ly we’re in dif­fer­ent frames of mind.

What’s been your favourite pod­cast episode?
Temi: Bro Code. My favourite fun­ny episode would be Bro Code.

Fred: My favourite fun­ny episode is Sex & Lux­u­ries. As for seri­ous episode: Men Cry.

What top­ic do you still want to cover?
Temi: We’ve nev­er done any­thing on trans­gen­der or LGBT issues, so that would be cool.

Fred: Sui­cide. It needs to be covered.

Name a pod­cast or radio show you like to lis­ten to?
Temi: Every­day Strug­gle.

Fred: Lip Ser­vice.

We see on your social media chan­nels that you inter­act a lot with your audi­ence, espe­cial­ly since you start­ed your YouTube chan­nel. Did you always plan to expand to YouTube?
Temi: Yes, absolutely.

Fred: Orig­i­nal­ly it wasn’t part of the plot. It was planned that we’d film the pod­cast, but there are issues we can’t film. So, we also show them our dai­ly life, our man­ner­isms, how we act, how we dress.

What’s next?
Fred & Temi: Live shows, events, pos­si­bly a doc­u­men­tary, reflect­ing what we go through in our dai­ly life. Maybe even mer­chan­dise. But we’re only two years in.

You can lis­ten to the 90s Baby Show online and live on Radar Radio every Wednes­day from 5–6pm BST.

Image: Ani­ta Shasanya