Creative Insight: 90s Baby Show

Meet Temi Alchemy and Fred Santana, hosts of the 90s Baby Show. Their candid conversations about life, love and relationships have gone from being just-between-friends to a podcast and radio hit with young Londoners.

Discussing all manner of topics, from racism and employment, to parenting and relationships, Alchemy, Santana and their guests bring plenty of humour, and some jewels of advice, to each episode.

Fringe Frequency asked the pair how they started and what’s next for their rising podcast series.

How did the show come together?
Fred: We were working for the same company and we sat down chatting at a skateboard park and thought this would be sick if we recorded it. So, from then on we decided, “don’t say it, do it”. We tried to get a studio, but there was none available in the area, so started recording on Skype. We messed up the first few times because he [Temi] forgot to press record. We lost about two episodes, but it was practice. We got the first one and kept it on SoundCloud as teasers. It was a nice way to say we have something coming.

How many years have you been running your show?
Fred: It’s coming up to two years now.

On the show, you talk about a lot of things we all talk about with friends from Yoruba demons to hooking up with a friend’s partner. Was it a choice to keep it as authentic as it is, or did it happen organically?
Temi: It was both. We both have different standing points on our opinions.

Fred: I don’t want to be told what to say and that can change from Monday to Thursday.

Temi: We have topics I’m more passionate about and he’s more chilled about, so as you say it’s good to keep it real.

Fred: Yeah. For example, I come from a single parent home and he doesn’t. He doesn’t know he should be bothered by that because he’s always had that. I know what it’s like to have it and not have it, so instantly we’re in different frames of mind.

What’s been your favourite podcast episode?
Temi: Bro Code. My favourite funny episode would be Bro Code.

Fred: My favourite funny episode is Sex & Luxuries. As for serious episode: Men Cry.

What topic do you still want to cover?
Temi: We’ve never done anything on transgender or LGBT issues, so that would be cool.

Fred: Suicide. It needs to be covered.

Name a podcast or radio show you like to listen to?
Temi: Everyday Struggle.

Fred: Lip Service.

We see on your social media channels that you interact a lot with your audience, especially since you started your YouTube channel. Did you always plan to expand to YouTube?
Temi: Yes, absolutely.

Fred: Originally it wasn’t part of the plot. It was planned that we’d film the podcast, but there are issues we can’t film. So, we also show them our daily life, our mannerisms, how we act, how we dress.

What’s next?
Fred & Temi: Live shows, events, possibly a documentary, reflecting what we go through in our daily life. Maybe even merchandise. But we’re only two years in.

You can listen to the 90s Baby Show online and live on Radar Radio every Wednesday from 5-6pm BST.

Image: Anita Shasanya