Listen to Rae Leviné’s follow-up to ‘The Gun Talks Too Much’

Rae Leviné has released a powerful wake-up call in response to shootings and violent assaults, which have affected communities in the US and UK dramatically.

‘The Gun Talks Too Much Part 2’ is a gripping, deeply empathetic spoken word response by Leviné to the senseless loss of life that has been going on.

“I saw how much the Black Lives Matter movement had increased over time. I saw a lot of horrific stories and situations that had occurred last year and this year alone, and felt I needed to write a second part,” Leviné told Fringe Frequency, when asked what led her to write this spoken word piece.

“Especially after hearing about the 15-year-old Jordan Edwards, who had been killed by an officer in Texas. I felt a lot of anger towards how little has changed since the first piece. So, writing part two was very much a place for me to vent.”

Levine released her original spoken word poem, ‘The Gun Talks Too Much’, in July 2015. In the poem, she paid tribute to Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Yolanda Holmes, Michael Brown, and others who lost their lives in shootings or from “lethal force”.

Leviné added: “I hope people take away a sense of hope, and restoration in their faith that we are all able to do something, wherever we are in the world. Individually, we could do something, whether that be a painting, spoken word, rap, singing – whichever way we choose to get our message across, it still matters. ‘One day, we will rise with the sun and say we are one,’ my favourite line from my piece, because I believe one day it will happen, and I hope the listeners feel this too.”

You can listen to ‘The Gun Talks Too Much Part 2’ below, and connect with Leviné on Twitter.

Image: VenturePromoter (courtesy of Rae Leviné)