Shareefa Energy releases visual poem ‘Emotional Rollercoaster’

Shareefa Energy, spoken word poet and activist, has released a new visual poem about self-love, titled ‘Emotional Rollercoaster’.

Shareefa, who has chosen to release her latest poem during Mental Health Awareness Week, explained that this poem was “written during a turbulent relationship that affected my peace of mind”.

“Looking into the eyes of humans / How many have felt what I feel? / How many have tried to teach lessons of self-love and self-worth to only go home unable to recognise who looks back at one’s self in the bathroom mirror?” Shareefa ponders.

You can watch the full visual poem below.

Shareefa Energy has steadily been becoming one of London’s most prolific spoken word poets.

On International Women’s Day in March, she released ‘Duality’, a poem to “celebrate the power within a woman who embraces her whole being, a journey of self-love”.

In 2015, she collaborated with London producer Meandou for their released the well-received project, Reasoning with Self.

Find out more about Shareefa via her website, and connect with her on Twitter.

Mental Health Awareness Week aims to educate and increase awareness about mental illness. UK readers can find out more about Mental Health Awareness Week here.

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Image: TY Faruki