Shareefa Energy releases visual poem ‘Emotional Rollercoaster’

Sha­reefa Ener­gy, spo­ken word poet and activist, has released a new visu­al poem about self-love, titled ‘Emo­tion­al Rollercoaster’.

Sha­reefa, who has cho­sen to release her lat­est poem dur­ing Men­tal Health Aware­ness Week, explained that this poem was “writ­ten dur­ing a tur­bu­lent rela­tion­ship that affect­ed my peace of mind”.

“Look­ing into the eyes of humans / How many have felt what I feel? / How many have tried to teach lessons of self-love and self-worth to only go home unable to recog­nise who looks back at one’s self in the bath­room mir­ror?” Sha­reefa ponders.

You can watch the full visu­al poem below.

Sha­reefa Ener­gy has steadi­ly been becom­ing one of London’s most pro­lif­ic spo­ken word poets.

On Inter­na­tion­al Women’s Day in March, she released ‘Dual­i­ty’, a poem to “cel­e­brate the pow­er with­in a woman who embraces her whole being, a jour­ney of self-love”.

In 2015, she col­lab­o­rat­ed with Lon­don pro­duc­er Mean­dou for their released the well-received project, Rea­son­ing with Self.

Find out more about Sha­reefa via her web­site, and con­nect with her on Twit­ter.

Men­tal Health Aware­ness Week aims to edu­cate and increase aware­ness about men­tal ill­ness. UK read­ers can find out more about Men­tal Health Aware­ness Week here.

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Image: TY Faruki