Aadae gives bad romance the spin on ‘Carousel Horses’

When a relationship turns into a merry-go-round of ruin, you know it’s time to get off. Aadae’s newest single, ‘Carousel Horses’, is about just that.

Set to a soft bed of choral vocals and what sounds like a tippy-toe xylophone rhythm, Aadae sings about the cyclical repetition of a previous relationship.

Aadae describes ‘Carousel Horses’ as “representing that sinking feeling when everything appears to be moving but you feel really stuck and static – it’s like you are riding a burning carousel with no pause button… I guess it’s always fun in the beginning but then eventually all the lights burn out”.

No stranger to  Aadae, who was born in Nigeria and raised in Peckham, draws from her years spent listening to high life and Afrobeat.

Her music displays a similar flair for subtly as Szjerdene, albeit with a more pop edge.

Earlier this year she released ‘Just Found Out’. Her song ‘River of Tears’, the highlight of her well-received Agape EP, shows off the catchy Afrobeat akin to Tkay Maidza, Kelela, and Eno Williams (Ibibio Sound Machine).

Image: Aadae/PR