Ash Shakur helps you cast off self-doubt with ‘Plenty Of’

Musician and illustrator Ash Shakur wants you to believe in yourself, and he’s ready to help you spear those demons of self-doubt with new song ‘Plenty of ***’.

“I wanted people to feel special and to know that there is only one you, and there is only one me, yet still having plenty of things in common,” said Shakur.

Over its gelatinous, chiptune beat, produced by The Beat Plug, Shakur delivers his lines with a resolute concentration, and reminds you to take heart in what you have and what good you can still create yourself.

This is self-motivation for those days when you face knockback after another – like ‘Finished I Ain’t’ by Ghostpoet or ‘In Due Time’ by OutKast. Also, if you remember dial-up internet and MSN Messenger, you will get a real kick out of its closing skit.

For ‘Plenty of ***’, the south London artist drew inspiration from a children’s book called Harold and the Purple Crayon.

“The main protagonist with his crayon had the powers to create a world of his own simply by drawing it. I related to that because my love for creativity started at an early age when I would draw on anything,” he said.

Shakur, who is also known as Art Life Ash, is co-founder of the collective Art Life Central, and has spent the past few years expressing himself through fashion, art and music. His previous tracks include ‘Never Alone’, ‘Nokia’ and ‘Shine’.

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Image: Robin Rene