Fifi Rong soothes social isolation with her vulnerable song ‘Distance’

Fifi Rong, a multi-talented artist based in London, has released a haunting new song about the emotional effects of social isolation.

The aptly titled ‘Distance’ is a melancholic song, layered with soft guitar and bass lines, and equally soft whispers by Rong. The vulnerability she expresses in her graceful voice is something many will be feeling right now, as the Coronavirus lockdown continues around the world.

“The theme of the song surrounds the feeling of distance and isolation, and it’s recorded from an internalised and intimate place that invites private listening,” Rong told Fringe Frequency.

“I hope people can resonate with and find comfort in the song, as we spend time being alone in these unprecedented times.”

‘Distance’ is the latest song the Chinese-British musician has shared from a forthcoming album, which she said is a collection of many individual love stories.

Rong wrote and produced ‘Distance’ herself.

Speaking about the process, she said: “I have tried to produce this song a few times in the past, and recorded a few times too, but I was never happy about them.

“Sometimes a song needs to wait till the right moment to be born. I think this is its time, and I’m finally happy with the minimalist approach and vocal delivery for the song. I think the more a song is trying to express, the more naked it should be, sonically.”

Rong’s stripped back sound brings to mind Martina Topley-Bird and FKA Twigs.

With the UK on lockdown and no crew to help make a video, Rong has created some homemade visuals to accompany her melancholic single.

Earlier this year, Rong also released ‘Love is a Lonely Thing’, with an accompanying music video, which took inspiration from Wong Kar-Wai’s romantic film, Mood for Love.

Rong is tirelessly creative. She has contributed to music by Tricky, Yello, and UK grime star Skepta. And, when she’s not working on her own avant-garde music, she can be found modelling and collaborating with other creatives.

You can keep up with Fifi Rong on Instagram and Twitter.

‘Distance’ will be released independently by Fifi Rong on April 24, 2020. You can add the song to your Spotify library here.

Image: Dylan Chubb