Filmmaker Nathan Miller captures the story of grime with LDN documentary

East London filmmaker, Nathan Miller, released a new independent documentary this week that expands on the story of UK music, and how grime has gone globe.

The 45-minute documentary, titled LDN, explores how the fans and followers of the grime scene – including artists, photographers, DJs and media producers – have created an ecosystem for many young artists to thrive as musicians full-time.

Miller’s desire to make this documentary was great enough that he “quit” his job last October in order to make it happen.

“I do one original doc a year and one was due. I came back from filming in the US and I just loved what was happening here, and, so, I made it happen,” Miller told Fringe Frequency, when we asked him about why he felt he had to make this film.

“To be honest, it just so happened to be one of the best times to do it. I don’t really watch trends, I just do what interests me.

“It just so happens that our scene is getting a lot of coverage and I was working on a documentary about it. But to delve deeper, the scene right now is so unified – it’s good that I got to capture these moments.”

The east London filmmaker wrapped filming in early February, and spent another month editing.

Miller’s documentary includes appearances from Posty, Elf Kid, Semtex, Morgan Keyz, 67, Nyge, J Hus, Vicky Grout, Belly Squad, SNE, Jevon, Reeko Squeeze, Reekz MB, Kenny Allstar, Youngs Teflon, Fredo, Ratlin, and Kojey Radical.

Check out the LDN documentary below, and you can find Miller on Twitter.

Images: courtesy of Nathan Miller