Imani Coppola shows you how to let loose with ‘Just Feels Good’

Imani Cop­po­la is a singer of many guis­es. A mul­ti-instru­men­tal­ist, respect­ed solo artist and one half of tech-pop duo Lit­tle Jack­ie.

You may know Cop­po­la from hits such as ‘Leg­end of a Cow­girl’ and ‘The World Should Revolve Around Me’.

The Brook­lyn-based singer has a new solo project com­ing this month, and she’s shared the first cut from it: ‘Just Feels Good’.

On this sun-baked track, heavy piano keys thump and synths crunch, while Cop­po­la beck­ons you to stroll with her (“Even the sunshine’s feel­ing my vibe… I take it from a mid­day stride to a mid­night strut”). There’s an air of ‘My Friend’ by Groove Arma­da about it. And Cop­po­la has a pop-punk mag­net­ism that’s some­where between Shin­gai Shoni­wa of Noisettes and Kelis.

‘Just Feels Good’ is tak­en from her forth­com­ing album, Hyp­ocrites, which will be self-released by Cop­po­la on July 21.

Lis­ten to the sin­gle below. And find out more about the album here.

Cop­po­la has released more than 10 albums since the release of 1997’s Chu­pacabra. Some of her high­lights include The Glass Wall, Afrodite, The Black & White Album, and The Stoop by Lit­tle Jackie.

Image: Nikolit­sa Boutieros