Introducing: Lavender Fields

Meet Lavender Fields, a musician and producer from Long Beach, California, making spiritually and environmentally conscious psychedelic music.

Lavender’s music stems from a verdant cocktail of influences and impulses. She fuses dub, reggae, electronics and psychedelia together in ways that are heavy on coxing the part of your brain that switches things to automatic.

“A cosmic journey through the fields of lavender-healing frequencies,” is how Lavender – real name, Anya – describes it.

“When making music, I intend to elevate the listener’s mood and bring wellbeing through music. I have done a lot of research on certain frequencies and how they affect the human brain and body, and I incorporate all of that knowledge into my music-making process.”

Heady stuff, no doubt. Listen to the mind-expanding ‘Waverly’, a kaleidoscopic thrill-ride that shifts in usual and stirring ways, and you’ll get a sense of where she’s coming from.

“A cosmic journey through the fields of lavender-healing frequencies” – Lavender Fields

Through her music, Lavender says she wants to bring “much needed awareness to our gorgeous planet that is suffering right now from all the pollution and animal extinction”. Her song ‘7th Generation’, which appears on her recently released debut EP, Lavender Fields Forever, addresses just this, asking repeatedly, “Do you think about the future?”

“In Native American culture, they talk about living your life in a way that the 7th generation ahead can also enjoy the beauty of this planet as much,” says Lavender. “But, sadly, with the current way of life on the planet, we are leaving a very damaged place for the future generations.

“I don’t know if people even think about it, but it bothers me a lot. So, I’ve decided to dedicate my music and art to bringing attention to conserving our planet and bringing harmony into the world.”

Though versed in piano, guitar and ukulele, the most prominent elements of Lavender’s music are her production and singing. Reggae is one of her guiding influences, as is the music of Bob Marley, Alice Coltrane and Flying Lotus.

You get a sense of this in the aforementioned ‘Waverly’ and her four-track debut EP. Her rework of The Beatles’ ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ is especially good. The wonky, warped-sounding pulsations in her sound bring drum and bass producers, such as Shy FX to mind, while, depending on the mood of the song, her vocals leap between the languid cool of an island girl and urgency of MIA or Thao Nguyen (Thao & the Get Down Stay Down).

Lavender is current working on finishing her debut album for release later this year. But her debut EP and clutch of early tracks have already landed her a featured appearance at Cascadia Festival in Seattle last month. Next, she will be going on a national US tour with Brooklyn band Moon Hooch, performing 17 shows in major cities between September 24 and October 20. She is also planning a European tour for spring 2018.

What does she want to achieve with her music?

“I want to give voice to those who have no voice, to sing songs that open people’s hearts to the world around them, and perhaps inspires them to take a better care of our planet and protect all the amazing land and sea creatures that inhabit it. My intention is to bring harmony into the world through music.”

Selected discography

  • Lavender Fields Forever (EP, 2017, Dome of Doom)
  • Waverly (Single, 2017)

File next to: Alice Coltrane, Bob Marley, MIA, Matisyahu


Social media: Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud

Lavender Fields’s next single is due to be released on August 22, 2017, and her first full-length album is due later this year.

Image: Mekael Dawson