Jams of the Week: Benjamin Clementine, Purple Ferdinand, Hannah Peel, and more

This week sees the return of a Mercury Prize winner Benjamin Clementine, a gorgeous video from Purple Ferdinand and a taste of Hannah Peel’s forthcoming classical space odyssey.

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‘Phantom of Aleppoville’ by Benjamin Clementine
Renaissance man and 2015 Mercury Prize winner Benjamin Clementine recently returned with his first piece of new music in years. The idiosyncrasy video for ‘Phantom of Aleppoville’ continues the originality this maestro of contemporary classical music began with his breakthrough debut album.

‘Intertwined’ by Purple Ferdinand
Purple Ferdinand, east London’s heir to the throne of nu-soul, gave us a new reason to give her Rain or Shine EP a listen this week, with her video for ‘Intertwined’. Directed by Didyer Zarate, this profound visual art piece closely complements Ferdinand’s tale of interconnection.

‘Echo Saw You’ by Kaleida
The pulsing loops of electronic duo Kaleida’s latest is something like Portishead meets Goldfrapp. Their debut album, Tear the Roots, will be released in September on Lex Records.

‘Coco’ by The Age of LUNA
The Age of LUNA just might be the UK’s own The Internet. Over the slinky funk groove of ‘Coco’, the group’s vocalists let loss catchy verses about keeping yourself centred in this mad world.

‘Sunrise Through the Dusty Nebula’ by Hannah Peel
We love music that gives us the sensation of floating among heavenly bodies. And Hannah Peel’s ‘Sunrise Through the Dusty Nebula’ is majestic on an epic scale. Alex North’s score for 2001: A Space Odyssey will have a new companion when Peel’s new album, Mary Casio: Journey to Cassiopeia, arrives this September.


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Image: courtesy of Benjamin Clementine