Listen to freestyle fire ‘Tobacco’ by Patch

Honest lyricism is what makes ‘Tobacco’ by Patch so listenable.

Patch hails from north London. A spoken word artist as well as rapper, you really feel his appreciate for language in ‘Tobacco’, which is almost like an acapella freestyle in its free-flowing urgency.

“I ain’t talking ’bout no girl now, I’m talkin’ ’bout my mum / ’Cause all I really wanna do is be a better son,” raps Patch, while the loop, a conspicuous guitar riff and occasion percussive and vocal mumbles, simply steps back and lets him tell you what’s on his mind. There’s no posing here. Just passion.

Have a listen to Tobacco below.

This track is taken from a forthcoming EP, called Regard-Less, which the rapper said is about letting his music flow out naturally, regardless of whether it fitted into any traditional format.

Speaking about his upcoming EP, Patch added: “It was also written at a time when I was having to remind myself to be true to who I am and have less regard for what anyone else thinks, hence the hyphen in the title.”

You can find Patch on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Image: courtesy of Patch