Normanton Street revives carefree summer nights with ‘Señorita’

Hip hop-soul trio Normanton Street has revived the warm summer nights that so many have been missing with their latest single, ‘Señorita’.

The Brighton-based group excel in making soulful street music, and ‘Señorita’ has all the sensations of a long, continental summer night that beckons the chance to be “totally carefree”.

Normanton Street frontwoman Phoebe Freya told Fringe Frequency: “The song started with the groove, it made me feel like dancing. When I heard it, I thought about being on a night out with my friends, and being totally carefree.

“The lyrics are about those conversations you have with your friends in the pub or in the smoking area of a club. You talk about nothing and everything at the same time, and have the time of your life. And it’s also about leaving that behind in some ways, moving on from your life just being about going out with your mates every other night.”

Freya’s harmonious delivery brings to mind contemporaries like Fatima and Cleo Sol, while the song’s laidback percussion and lush horns gives it a bright, Latin feeling (El Michels Affair, Quantic).

Ned Archibong explained that the spark for this song happened organically during a jam session with bass player Nicholson Davids and drummer Ollie Foreman. After that, the group took it up the motorway for the Bradford Youth Orchestra to add their flourish.

“It was real natural. The Youth Orchestra up in me and Nicholson’s hometown Bradford are great. They’re all in secondary school, but they play their instruments like veterans. We finished off the horns on the track with the horn section of a cool Brighton band called Count Kujo. This is probably our song with the most musicians playing on it. A real community vibe,” said Archibong.

Earlier this year, the group released ‘All That I Have’, with help from the Bradford Youth Choir, a gentle ode to the love and closeness that has kept people going through this surreal time.

Normanton Street was set to perform at a Live is Alive! event at the Brighton Dome this Saturday, but it has been postponed because of England’s second lockdown.

Even though there’s been few opportunities for them to perform at live events, the band has been keeping busy and staying creative. They’ve been posting photos and videos from their previous adventures on Instagram, as well as musical treats, like this amazing cover of Lianne La Havas’s ‘Bittersweet’.

Normanton Street has released much of their back catalogue on Bandcamp. Fans looking to support the band should head there.

‘Señorita’ is available now on all major streaming and download services.

Image: courtesy of Normanton Street