Rainy Milo – I Knew I Had a Heart EP review

There’s some­thing spe­cial about Rainy Milo. It’s not the fact her name sounds like an intrigu­ing cock­tail mix­ture and an odd­ball car­toon char­ac­ter at the same time. It’s not fact that she has the air of a styl­ish rebel about her. And it’s not the fact that her music is a deli­cious com­bi­na­tion of wavy R&B in the vein of Miguel and SZA. It’s all three of these things in unison.

This Thing of Ours, the debut album from this tal­ent­ed south Lon­don singer, 21, who has British and Guyanese roots, flew under the radar for many back in 2014. For­tu­nate­ly, Milo hasn’t stopped mak­ing music. Her new EP, I Knew I Had a Heart (Because I Felt It Break­ing), is stuffed with songs that affirm Milo as a musi­cian and singer with plen­ty still to give.

A cor­ner­stone of Milo’s music is echo effects, or reverb, admin­is­tered to her vocals. Mar­ried with lethar­gic, jazzy basslines, and wonky elec­tron­ic synths, and this gives many of Milo’s songs a hazy, intox­i­cat­ed feel. What­ev­er you pre­fer to call it, psych R&B, alt R&B, “tree­house”, Milo’s music has got mox­ie. Tough love (‘Swim­ming on Me’) and lovers play­ing hard to get (‘Speed Lim­it’) are recur­ring themes for Milo. The wavy ‘Miss­ing the Rain’, pro­duced by Zeph Ellis, shows off Milo’s fig­u­ra­tive flare (“Boy you have touched my soul / Straw­ber­ry to my sug­ar bowl”).

Mean­while, on ‘Know This’, some­thing of a hip hop exper­i­ment, Milo is joined by Sacra­men­to singer Bae­god to dis­pense atti­tude, Jhené Aiko-style. Final­ly, though it fades out slight­ly too abrupt­ly, that doesn’t stop clos­ing num­ber ‘You and I’ from becom­ing a favourite, thanks to the puls­ing synths, piano rhythm and Milo’s minty vocals. SZA meets Doja Cat meets Lily Allen, that’s Rainy Milo. And with style and sub­stance in spades it’s a won­der that she isn’t get­ting more atten­tion already.


I Knew I Had a Heart (Because I Felt It Break­ing) EP is out now on Limey Records.

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Image: Pho­to cour­tesy of Rainy Milo