Watch Denai Moore’s graceful celebration of family with ‘Does It Get Easier?’

Denai Moore is no stranger to expressing feelings many of us find difficult to put into words.

The Jamaican-British singer-songwriter has been forging her own sound and style since collaborating with Plan B on her profound 2015 debut album, Elsewhere.

‘Does It Get Easier?’ is the second single from her forthcoming album, We Used to Bloom, releasing on June 16 on Because Music.

The video for ‘Does It Get Easier?’, directed by Mahaneela, is a graceful ode to family and girlhood. In between her delicate vocals and the upturned synths, Moore is intercut with portraits of her own family relations.

In an email to The Fader, Moore explained that the song is about how much of a similar experience her family are all having, and “how beautiful it is that we go through good and bad times in life”.

Watch the video below.

Image: In Bloom