Watch Shama Rahman’s 360 video of aquatic song ‘Liquid Blue’

Shama Rahman, sitar player, scientist and actor, has released a special 360-degree video of a performance of her oceanic song, ‘Liquid Blue’.

‘Liquid Blue’ is taken from Rahman’s forthcoming album, Truth BeTold, which includes recordings of different water forms, and is described as “a continuous flow of music and spoken word interludes, backed by sitar soundscapes”.

Rahman performed the whole album at last year’s Alchemy festival at the Southbank Centre in London. The 360-degree video footage was captured by Room One.

The sitar player recently returned from a historic expedition to Antarctica with the Antarctic Biennale – we spoke to Rahman about her experiences in Antarctica and what people can expect from her album here.

You can watch the 360 footage below, via Google Chrome or using Google Cardboard on Android. (Note: 360 functions do not currently work in other browsers or on non-Android devices.)

Read our full interview with Shama Rahman here.

Image: Fluid4Sight, courtesy of Shama Rahman