Listen to LittleBigPlanet composer Kenny Young’s soundtrack to WonderWorlds

Kenny Young, the BAFTA-nominated composer known for his work on LittleBigPlanet and Tearaway, recently released a soundtrack for the video game WonderWorlds. And it’s a treat for soundtrack enthusiasts and instrumental junkies alike.

This is music for those moments when contemplation is desired: a broad mixture of ensemble sounds, from “retro-infused Polynesian island vibes” to 80s synth wave and dream-pop loops.

Developed by Glowmade, WonderWorlds is an iOS game in which players explore a world of bright pastel colours and build their own adventure. Young’s music heightens the dreamy visuals of the mobile game.

Young said: “If you could boil me down in to some manner of musical elixir, I’d like to think that this album is pretty much what you’d be left with at the bottom of your still – intoxicating and infectious melodies that induce special feelings.”

Have a listen to ‘Cha-cha Fever’ and ‘Skerry Prospects’ for taste of this soundtrack’s breadth.

WonderWorlds Soundtrack can be purchased here.

You can find Young via Facebook and @kcmyoung on Twitter.

Image: courtesy of Kenny Young