Listen to LittleBigPlanet composer Kenny Young’s soundtrack to WonderWorlds

Ken­ny Young, the BAF­TA-nom­i­nat­ed com­pos­er known for his work on Lit­tleBig­Plan­et and Tear­away, recent­ly released a sound­track for the video game Won­der­Worlds. And it’s a treat for sound­track enthu­si­asts and instru­men­tal junkies alike.

This is music for those moments when con­tem­pla­tion is desired: a broad mix­ture of ensem­ble sounds, from “retro-infused Poly­ne­sian island vibes” to 80s synth wave and dream-pop loops.

Devel­oped by Glow­made, Won­der­Worlds is an iOS game in which play­ers explore a world of bright pas­tel colours and build their own adven­ture. Young’s music height­ens the dreamy visu­als of the mobile game.

Young said: “If you could boil me down in to some man­ner of musi­cal elixir, I’d like to think that this album is pret­ty much what you’d be left with at the bot­tom of your still – intox­i­cat­ing and infec­tious melodies that induce spe­cial feelings.”

Have a lis­ten to ‘Cha-cha Fever’ and ‘Sker­ry Prospects’ for taste of this soundtrack’s breadth.

Won­der­Worlds Sound­track can be pur­chased here.

You can find Young via Face­book and @kcmyoung on Twit­ter.

Image: cour­tesy of Ken­ny Young