New Waves 2018: Girlhood

Girlhood are producer Christian Pinchbeck and singer Tessa Cavanna. Together, this unlikely duo is bringing us sublime, new dance music. In our recent Introducing article, we described them as the “soulful cousin of Basement Jaxx and Groove Armada, with nods to the era when Diana Ross and Love Unlimited were at their peak”.

Last November, the London group released their first EP, Girlhood Vol 1, which gathered their singles to date, including ‘Say It’, ‘My Boy’ and ‘Bad Decisions’. So far, these songs have collectively racked up more than 600,000 streams on Spotify.

In our recent interview, Pinchbeck said: “Our songs work on their own as well as a collection, and we want each song to stand strongly on its own, but feel like a family when placed next to another. We’ll be releasing a series of EPs with this in mind”. So, expect Girlhood to soundtrack many midnight journeys, flat parties and festivals to come.

Social: @gurlzinthehood on Instagram, @gurlzinthehood on Twitter

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Image: Phil Sharp