Rock duo Nova Twins go full assassin on lethal thriller ‘Hit Girl’

Punk rockers Nova Twins are breaking stereotypes and shooting to thill with their new 10-tonne banger ‘Hit Girl’. And their aim is dead on.

Starting with a threatening bass lick, Amy Love and Georgia South unleash a lethal combo of skull-cracking rock, slick rhymes and raw fire.

“For us, the song is a metaphor for taking down people’s perceptions of what women and men of colour, and people in minority groups in the music industry, should look and sound like,” bass player South told Fringe Frequency.

“We don’t belong to one genre, like hip hop and R&B. We can play whatever we want. Our goal is to inspire tomorrow’s warriors so they don’t feel alienated in certain parts of the industry.”

The south London duo are perfecting the art of badass-ery, one song at a time. With ‘Hit Girl’, vocalist and guitarist Love said they want people to feel part of something.

“We have such a beautiful diverse audience, and it’s so amazing seeing different types of people getting together, enjoying the same thing,” Love said.

“Some people think the music is angry, and at time it sure is, but it’s more like therapy. We want people to let go and feel liberated, sharing the same energy!”

Watch the video for ‘Hit Girl’ below and feel the surgical strike of these girls in action.

We’ve been in awe of their natural affinity for making white-hot stunners in the vein of Rage Against the Machine for some time, and Nova Twins’s latest has us hooked. ‘Hit Girl’ feels like The Bride from Kill Bill, Beyoncé in her ‘Six Inch Heels’ and The Lady of Rage combined.

The video was directed by Nova Twins and filmed by Marie South (Georgia’s mother) and Sanaa Abstrakt.

Speaking about the video, South told us: “We wanted to have this video super simple and to the point. The song is pretty direct so we wanted a straightforward concept of us set up playing how we do live. We realised we’d never done that before so it was fun just rocking out like how we do at a gig.

“We had a sick time making the jackets for the video, too. We feel so liberated and powerful in our suits – like we just stepped off the set of The Godfather or something, aha.”

Nova Twins have released two well-received EPs, titled Nova Twins and Mood Swings, so far. They told us they are currently focusing on making more new music and are thinking of releasing a third EP.

‘Hit Girl’ is available to download and stream now.

Nova Twins play The Victoria, Dalston, London, on May 24.

Image: Sanaa Abstrakt