Valentina wants you to keep the faith with her sultry debut ‘Foolish Ways’

Songs about those times when you should have stopped popping bottles – before you ended up face down in the sofa, if you’re lucky! – are uncommon. Especially in the wavy world of modern R&B.

‘Foolish Ways’ is the debut single from Valentina, a singer-songwriter from south London. It’s sultry self-reflection delivered in a trap R&B sheath.

“The song is based around a reflection of a time when feeling lost within oneself and the trials and tribulations that take place during the journey of finding one’s way through,” Valentina told Fringe Frequency.

“Through struggle you find strength, through pain you find change, through change you find hope, and through faith you find forgiveness.”

It’s an unusual combination, but Valentina’s sultry timbre and strong message make it all work remarkably well. There’s some Beverley Knight and Jennifer Hudson to her in this song.

Give ‘Foolish Ways’ a listen below.

Born and raised in south London, Valentina’s music career started in 2008, when she entered The X Factor with girl group RTI. In 2011, she joined pop girl group Vida, toured with JLS, and released the single ‘BoomBox’. After stepping away from music, she decided in 2017 it was time for her to get back in the game and focus on developing her artistry.

Valentina’s debut single was written by her and Pink Mayne, with production from 80svnpro and Nathaniel Wilson.

Accompanying her single, she has started a campaign, #FoolishWaysConfessions, to raise some awareness about the core message of the song, which, she said is “Your past does NOT define your future”.

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Image: Neco London